Building & Development Permits

Development Permit procedures are established and used by the City of Estevan in order to evaluate individual site development proposals, including proposed changes in land or building use. In most cases, a development permit is required to be obtained before a building permit can be issued. Unlike a building permit (which approves the details & commencement of construction), a development permit authorizes a site to be developed, used, or changed for a specific purpose or use allowed for in the zoning bylaw, under the provisions prescribed in the zoning bylaw, and in compliance with the conditions of permit. Development review is intended to:

  • ensure that specific proposals will be undertaken in accordance with the City’s adopted development standards and land use regulations including parking provisions, building setbacks, building coverage, open space/landscaping, access provisions, etc. -ensure that specific proposals will be undertaken having proper regard for Engineering standards including water/sanitary sewer, storm sewer, drainage, streets/traffic flow, site grading & leveling, franchise utilities and access.
  • ensure that specific proposals will be undertaken in accordance with certain performance standards so as to ensure such developments/uses will not conflict or otherwise cause negative impacts with other developments in a given area.


In order to obtain a development permit, an applicant must complete and submit a permit application form, accompanied by support information. It is recommended you meet with a representative of Land Development Services to discuss the proposal before making an application. The applicant must provide adequate details (ie. Plans/reports) regarding the proposed development including detailed site plan(s) and related information which will allow the City to properly evaluate the proposal in accordance with its bylaw and regulatory requirements. The information required for submission will depend on the type of development proposed. The City may require additional information, and may refuse to accept the application if certain information is requested and not provided.

Standard applications must include the following:

  • Two copies of a detailed site plan (drawn to scale) shall be attached containing all the following information.
  1. a) The location and dimension of all buildings, setbacks and property lines affected.
  2. b) The location and dimensions of all existing and proposed landscaping elements (trees, berms, fencing, swales), sidewalks, entry and exit points, parking and loading areas, streets, lanes, and walkways.
  3. c) The location and dimensions of all utility and access right-of-ways, power poles, street lights, hydrants.
  4. d) The location and dimension of all parks, public reserve, or open space in the area.
  5. e) The number of dwelling units for residential uses and the floor area(m2) for commercial, Industrial and Institutional uses.
  • A written description detailing the proposed development.

As part of the City’s development review process, the following will be taken into consideration:

  • Land use regulations associated with the respective zoning district
  • Existing and Proposed use of building/site
  • Lot size/dimensions
  • gross floor area & coverage of building(s)
  • building setbacks
  • site access provisions
  • utility servicing
  • storm drainage
  • waste containment and screening
  • parking & loading area provisions
  • storage areas
  • site elevations including proposed grading and landscaping
  • buffering and landscaping
  • building height/elevations
  • performance standards.


Non-refundable Application Fee- $100.00 (permitted use)  $250.00 (discretionary use)

Note: applications involving rezoning, subdivision, public right of way work, and free-standing signage are subject to additional fees. All associated development costs are the responsibility of the developer/property owner.

Decisions & Timing

The time period for processing a development permit application will depend on the type of development proposed. Upon receipt of a complete permit application and support documentation, the Land Development Officer will undertake a review to confirm whether or not the proposal complies with the City’s zoning bylaw and related regulations. After review, a development permit will either be issued with or without conditions, or denied. Under certain circumstances, there are provisions for an Appeal to the Estevan Development Appeals Board.