Feb 15 2023


10:00 am

Boston Dynamics – Automating the Way We Work

Join us in participating in a Boston Dynamics Webinar at the Southeast Techhub.
Commercializing transformative technologies to address real-world industrial challenges is no easy task. Over the past four years, Boston Dynamics has deployed over a thousand robots to sites around the globe. Our mobile robots are changing the way companies monitor their sites, making operations safer and more efficient, while reducing the need for strenuous and even dangerous tasks.
One robot that has greatly transformed customer operations over the last year is our dynamic sensing solution Spot. Spot is extending teams — collecting critical information on site infrastructure and assets, and transferring that data into actionable insights. Through tasks like thermal inspection, gauge reading, acoustic imaging, and more, robots like Spot are adding real-world value in terms of safety, efficiency, and predictability — and getting started is only a step away.
After the webinar we will host a 15 minute discussion.
Cost is free. $0.00
Coffee, tea and snacks will be provided.