Making the move back home – our journey

At age 18, I left to pursue education and was wide open to the adventure that life would show me. My journey took me from Estevan to Calgary for my broadcasting diploma and eventually my journalism and digital media degree.

My second year of broadcasting – I focused on news reporting

The big city was very appealing to a small-town prairie girl. Although, there was not a day where I did not miss home. I was the type of kid that could not stay the night at a kid’s camp at Woodlawn. My parents would have to come to pick me up and take me back to camp in the morning. Therefore, many people were surprised when I moved a mere 10 hours away from my mom and dad.

My family and I in 2013 for my graduation

My fiancé Devin and I have been together for over two and a half years. Devin’s job is three weeks on, three weeks off rotation at a diamond mine in the Northwest Territories. He can live pretty much anywhere he wants and flies in and out of his work camp. He had moved to Calgary from Hay River, NT and is a small-town boy at heart. We had toyed with the idea of moving back to Estevan but never really took it too seriously.

Devin and I in our favourite vacation spot, Tulum, Mexico

After almost eight years of being a nomad and moving apartment to apartment, the idea of something familiar, something like home, was compelling. I craved being closer to more family and friends, a place I could take back roads blindfolded, my mom’s home cooking that gave me comfort, and a community I could participate in like a native. I craved moving back to Estevan.

As my degree was nearing completion, Devin said abruptly, “Hey, you want to move home, don’t you?”

The realization came to me at the moment. After that, I wanted nothing more.

And so, we did it. Devin and I packed up our overpriced downtown apartment in the big city and ended up buying a house without even seeing it first while trusting my parents’ thoughts on it.

Shortly after, I took this position with Tourism Estevan!

It seemed like everything fell into place, and now we are embarking on a new journey.

Estevan is the perfect place for a young couple looking for a fresh start. We are excited to explore and #ExperienceEstevan.

As I approach only a month of living here, I see how returning to my hometown was a good decision we made. Returning to one’s hometown can seem like the end of the road, but I believe it can be the beginning of something beautiful.

If you returned home after post-secondary, let me know! I would love to see how many of us there are!

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Allison Mack
Allison Mack
I was born and raised in Estevan and, although leaving for school, I have always called the city home. After high school, I made the trek to Calgary, AB, to pursue a Broadcasting Diploma at Mount Royal University. Storytelling comes naturally to me, and I had a knack for news. After completing my diploma, I decided to continue my education, taking the Bachelor of Communications majoring in Journalism and Digital Media.

Upon completing schooling, my fiancé and I decided to move back to my beloved hometown. I am so excited to be back in Estevan, share my experiences with you, and showcase all that this remarkable city has to offer!