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With the arrival of all of this gorgeous spring weather, my husband and I decided to head out for an afternoon date. Rather than heading out for a hike or a meal as are our norms we decided to combine the two and add a little competition and we headed to Torgeson Park in Estevan for a round of disc golf.

If you live on the south side of the tracks like us you may not be aware that Torgeson (located across from the Comp and Spruce Ridge) has a disc golf course, or perhaps you were just wondering what those weird cages on poles were. The park is beautiful, the course is well laid out and it makes a perfect location for an afternoon in the sun.

Disc golf, as the name suggests is played like golf but with throwing discs (like a Frisbee). There are specialty discs you can use to play but if you don’t have any, whatever disc you have will work. There is a blue bin next to a post near the Hole 1 tee off that has a few discs for the public to

At each hole, you will start at the tee off and throw your disc (drive) in the direction of the hole. Once everyone has teed off you walk to the disc closest to the group and the player will pick up their disc and throw again. Play continues to the hole where you “putt” and try to land your disc in the basket. Each throw counts as a stroke and the objective is to have the lowest score at the end.

We enjoy a classic game of disc golf but sometimes it’s fun to mix things up a bit so I created a Wacky Golf game where each hole requires you to do a silly challenge. This is a great way to even out the playing field when you’re in a group with a wide range of ability and it makes for a lot of laughs.

You can download this file or just screenshot it to keep on your phone for the next time you head out to play. Another game that is fantastic for groups with ranging abilities is the Texas Scramble.

Break into teams before you start the game. Everyone will tee off but then each team will choose the throw that went the farthest to be the point from which they all complete their next throw from. (Just pick up any shorter-range discs on your way to the farthest disc). Do this each throw and just count 1 stroke per team for each throw as you’ll be scoring each hole as a team.

In the event that your kids “tap out” or don’t feel like playing to begin with, Torgeson offers a large play structure where they can entertain themselves while you do a round of disc golf. Another great option for kids is to bring along their bikes, scooters or rollerblades and tour all of the paved paths in the park while you play.


Seeing as we had left our big kids at home, the husband and I took our time with our game and also worked in a picnic supper. What I love about doing a picnic in or around the city is that we don’t have to agree on where we want to eat. We just both choose what we’re craving and place pick-up orders at different restaurants. I had asked for menu item recommendations on social media last week and there were so many great suggestions. Estevan has many stellar places to eat.

I ordered the Chicken and Waffles from Eddie Websters and Dean got the Spring Roll Noodle Bowl from Estevan Pizza and Chinese. Put both of these on your must-try dishes list right now. The chicken and waffles include crispy fried chicken over homemade waffles topped with a blueberry compote and a maple cream. This dish is sweet and salty heaven. If I could describe the Spring Roll Noodle Bowl in one word it would be “fresh”. Rice noodles topped with a delicious clear sauce, cucumbers and spring rolls made for a hearty unique meal. We would order both of these again.


The afternoon left me refreshed. Time with my favourite person doing something fun, active and outdoors is always a recipe for time well spent. Our city/area is rich in activities to try and places to explore and we hope you get to make time this week to try something new! If you give disc golf a go make sure to take a picture and tag @experienceestevan (instagram) or @tourismestevan (facebook) on social media.


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Monique Willms
Monique Willms
Monique and her family have called Estevan home for the last 18 years and she has a long history of seeing her surroundings in creative ways and adding whimsy to the mundane. A constant need to explore and adventure has allowed her to seek out hidden gems in our area and cultivate ways to enjoy and engage every season in the South East.