Walking In A Winter Wonderland

My family and I went to Roche Percee, a town situated southeast of Estevan, less than 15 minutes away. I have never experienced Roche Percee Rocks in the WINTER but have many times in other seasons! This year, we didn’t get a “ton” of snow, but a hint of snow on the ground can change a place’s beauty and experience!

The sound of the snow and exhaling the cold air is refreshing. I explored on a warm sunny day with my sister Makenzie and her boyfriend Ryan. When I climbed a high point on the rocks, the peace of the space came over me. The caves were empty and warm; if you get cold, hang out in them for a bit to warm up! Follow the trails or find your own path. The outdoor sounds will help clear my mind and relaxed me. And if your quiet enough, the wildlife will come out; I spotted a herd of white-tailed deer, but they were too quick to get them on camera.

Another tip, dress warmly; winter boots or warm hikers and a winter jacket are essential! Layering is key. If it warms, you can always take items off.

Here is a quick video of Roche Percee Rocks in the Winter!

Embrace the cold; until next time,



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Madison Colbow
Madison Colbow