National Authors Day

Here in Estevan, the community takes pride in what our neighbours have accomplished in their lives, and good work doesn’t go unnoticed. On November 1, National Author’s Day, we would love to share with you three local authors’ that have spent countless hours sharing their incredible stories with us.

Jennifer Kuchinka

Jennifer Kuchinka has written a true story of her life struggling with postpartum depression when she ran out of the hospital, onto the highway, and was hit by a tractor-trailer truck. Jennifer survived that harrowing experience and now shares her story of the accident that left her with a permanent brain injury. She tells how she recovered and created a new life as a parent and how she is committed to raising awareness of postpartum depression and acquired brain injury.

The book description intrigues me, and I have now put it on my must-read list. Jennifer has won two awards: “honourable mentions” at the Midwest Book Festival in Chicago and one in the Hollywood Book Festival in Los Angeles. I love hearing about the true stories of people’s lives and how they found their way through life struggles.

I met Jennifer once at a local garage sale. She was telling me about her book, and I came away from that interaction with the feeling of her being very humble and kind. I also met her daughter, and let me tell you she’s a great sales lady and a hilarious young girl.


Marie Calder

I’ve never had the chance to meet Marie Calder, but I did have the privilege of talking over the phone with her! She is a passionate woman that has is ambitious and kind.

Calder is the author of The Other Side series and The Other Side of Farwell, a new children’s book! Marie is currently writing a book called “Together Forever In The Clouds.”

Forever in the Clouds is a significant piece of Saskatchewan history that’s doesn’t have a great story attached to it; she aims to change that. On September 15, 1946, Twenty RCAF pilots and one ground crew member died in a plane crash near the Estevan airport. On their way back from North Dakota, the group was returning planes leased by Canada from the United States during the war. Marie and her team have contacted all 21 families to tell the stories of their loved ones.

2021 will be the 75th anniversary of the accident. Calder shared they hope to have an event that these families, locals and others that follow the series will have an avenue to keep the memory of these brave men alive.

Maureen Ulrich

Maureen Ulrich is known by many in the community, especially to those who met her as their teacher they have passed through the school system.

Maureen has written several books, including the well-known Jessie Mac Hockey Series, Power Plays, Face Off and Breakaway. The main character, Jessie McIntyre, wrestles with bullying, teen binge drinking, and relationships—while playing the fastest game on ice. Through her interactions with teammates, she learns a lot about herself.

When I started playing hockey at the age of nine, I started reading her books. They inspired me, were engaging, and I can’t wait to re-read the stories again. Ulrich is writing the fourth book for her series called Shoot Out, in which Jessie is in her second year of eligibility with the University of Saskatchewan Huskies. She is learning—this time, about what it takes to play hockey at an elite level.

Maureen has also written and produced several professional adult productions – Snowbirds (2015), Diamond Girls (2016-2018), and Lords of Sceptre (2018-2019). They have all been performed at the Souris Valley Theatre here in Estevan.

If you’re interested in purchasing her books here in Estevan, Henders Drugs has them on the shelves!

The Estevan Writers Group, is an excellent avenue for writers who meet to support and help advance their writing careers, and they are always looking for new group members!

You can find all the books I have shared with you today at the Estevan Public Library.


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Madison Colbow
Madison Colbow
I grew up as a hockey player and was away from my hometown, Estevan for a lot of my childhood. I moved out of my family house at the age of sixteen and lived in Weyburn, Saskatchewan with a billet family.



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