Community Carvings


Carvers have created sculptures that, instead of being confined to an art gallery, are right out on public streets.

From tree stump to concept drawing and the final carving, it takes about 4 weeks to transform the tree into a sculpture. About 95% of the carving is done with chainsaws ranging in size from large blocking saws to delicate carving saws. Detailed finishing work is accomplished with chisels and power rotary tools. The Artwork is usually painted or stained and then coated with automotive polyurethane enamel to preserve the wood against the weather.

Darren Jones, carver of Cab Studio has numerous carvings scattered throughout the city.

The Estevan Soldiers’ Tree is a monument dedicated to the men and women of the Canadian Armed Forces who have laid down their lives in the service of their country. The Monument also pays tribute to members of the military who have served, serve today and will serve in the future.

Sculpted entirely by chainsaw, the 102-year-old cottonwood tree was transformed by carver Darren Jones, and placed outside of Estevan’s Courthouse in the summer of 2016.

In 2019, Darren was commissioned by the City of Estevan to carve two more trees that depicted the City of Estevan. Both are located on the 1200 Block of third street. One tree is inspired by industries that make up the economy; Oil Derrick, dragline and shovel, SaskPower Boundary Power Station, farming and crops and a gas wellhead with the Souris River and trees running throughout. The other is recreation and community themed, swimming, hockey, curling, football items were carved to showcase Estevans’ rich competitive city.

The Forever in the Clouds monument is to commemorate members of the Royal Canadian Air Force who, in 1946, were on their way back from Minot, ND, when their transport plane crashed in the northwest corner of the landing field, killing everyone on board. The group of pilots’ job was to return aircraft back to Canada that were on loan to the United States.  The monument sits at the Estevan Regional Airport.

The fallen (names, ranks and ages supplied by Marie Donais Calder): Lt. Robert James McIntyre, age 23. Lt. James Stewart Lees, age 32. Lt. William Murdoch Jackson, age 24. Lt. Clifford Sommerville Coppin. Lt. Robert C. McRoberts, age 28. Lt. Leonard Edgar Turtle, age 24. Lt. Joseph Alphonse Camille Bouchard, age 28. Lt. Stanley Wright Proctor, age 29. Louis Eric John Murphy, age 23. Lt. Morris Crosby Cuthbert, age 28. Lt. James Pyle Jessee, age 26. Lt. Lawrence Kirsch, age 28. Lt. Edward Chester Stewart, age 28. Lt. William Jacob Louis Weicker. F/O William Perry, age 28. F/O Stephen Pond, age 34. F/O Ned Jordan, age 27. F/O Raymond Avard Brandser, age 23. F/O Max Thomas, age 23. Leading aircraftman Vitantos Luke Kirko, age 20, F/O Henry Hugh Cowan, age 31.


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