Every Day is a Beach Day

I arrived home from work to a house with dishes on the counter and supper plans not even thought about. It was a long day and I needed to reconnect with my kids and NOT make supper.

The weather was a bit overcast and muggy so we decided to hit up Woodlawn Regional Park‘s Boundary Dam Beach. Any day is a good day for the beach!

We packed light; a couple of shovels, a bucket, a plastic bat and ball, two towels and a life jacket.

We hit the beach as soon as we arrived at the park. Rogan and Curtis raced to the water while Tallan and I had a stone skipping competition. ( I did not win that one! He is oddly good at skipping stones.)

Rogan thought it was very cool that he could touch the bottom farther out from shore. He and Curtis played in the water and were trying to splash Tallan.

I ran up to the concession in the park and grabbed a hamburger and fries for us to share and we ate it as they dried off.

After supper, Tallan and Curtis played baseball on the beach while Rogan and I tried to make a sandcastle. He did not want me to dump his bucket so it wasn’t my best work.

Once the ball game was done we wandered back to the concession to finish the night off with a treat. Everyone had hard ice cream.

Funny that when we arrived home that messy house didn’t bother me one little bit.

Get out there and #ExperienceEstevan



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Rebecca Westling
Rebecca Westling
I have four kids ranging from ages 2-14 and a husband that works in the agricultural field. Our family is very busy, but we always make time to slow down and enjoy the little things.