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A friend and I went to Art Concepts Custom Framing on Saturday, March 30th for live music. We had the pleasure of seeing Poor Nameless Boy and Adyn Townes perform. This was the second time I have attended an event at Art Concepts, the first was Yin & Vin (Yoga & Wine). Both events were so different but both were so good. I have never had a bad experience at Art Concepts – especially since wine was served at both functions.

(Pictured above is the band Adyn Townes)

As I sat in my front row seat ( No one else had snagged them so I had rockstar seating), listening to the music and looking around the store, it dawned on me that I have never really realized how much talent comes from Estevan. The walls of Art Concepts are covered with works of art from current, former and nearby residents of the city. Poor Nameless Boy, aka. Joel Henderson, is a former Estevanite(?) who in between travelling the globe to perform at shows, now resides in Regina, SK.

Listen to his song, “I’m Not Going Anywhere”, it’s my personal fave.

(Pictured above is Poor Nameless Boy)

Theresa Fuhr (owner of Art Concepts Custom Framing), Byron Fichter (co-owner), Deanna Brown, Lauren Daae, Wade Kotello, Michael Lonechild all have their art displayed and several of them have had shows at the studio and exhibits at the Estevan Art Gallery. They are uber talented people, and their art is all so unique. I strongly encourage you take a peek inside one day. You might get inspired to create a work of art of your own! Or just purchase one of the pieces in there so you can say you “know art”.

(Pictured above – Byron Fichter Photography)

I left that night just glowing. The music, the atmosphere, the company, the wine (😊), everything was great.

Till next time!

– Denille

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Denille Schroeder
Denille Schroeder
I am looking forward to sharing my interests with the folks of Estevan, which include coffee, my dog Kaiser, the outdoors, staying active, and being selectively cheap. There are some great options in Estevan if the last three appeal to you. I spend quite a bit of my free time working out at the track at Affinity Place, utilizing the equipment at Fresh Air Fitness, and touring the trails and walking paths throughout the city.

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