Bowling…it’s right up my alley!

Hello everyone! I for one have always loved spending quality time with my family and friends. What is a better way to spend time with family & friends then at the EB’s Dining Emporium!

Bowling is an awesome game that is good for all ages. They have the 5-pin for younger kids and the 10-pins for the older kids and adults. Fun for everyone in the family? How can you beat that! My family and I visited EB’s last week for a couple games of 10-pin. Of course, it was all in fun, but a little “friendly” competition never hurt right?

The 4 of us played 2 games and even though I didn’t win either time, I still was able to beat my mom and keep “within close range” of the men. In one game I was 1 point away from tying with my dad…  him with 118 and myself with 117, so close! Going back to the father daughter score board I must admit it is Michaella-1 and Dad-2. I am confident I will tie it up at the next competition, maybe mini golf?

Also, I was able to score a few strikes and spares. I think they could be just lucky as I imagine there is a lot more physics to the sport of bowling than throwing the ball as hard as you can down the middle of the lane. Nevertheless, the strikes still felt like a nice accomplishment!

Of course, with all the bowling and intense competition we worked up an appetite. So, we had to order some appetizers when we were finished. Mom and I wanted the cheese balls and my dad ordered the shrimp, both were delicious!

If you are looking for a great environment to challenge your family and friends visit EB’s dining emporium here in Estevan. Play a few bowling games and check out all the choices they have on their awesome menu!

Take care & smile! More shortly,

Michaella Matthies

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Michaella Matthies
Michaella Matthies
Hello, my friends of Estevan & Area! I was born and raised here in the wonderful city of Estevan, Saskatchewan! My parents Lynn and Mark had 3 kids. My two brothers Calvin and Logan and of course, myself. I am the last bird left in the nest as both of my brothers are moved out and are building beautiful lives with their significant others.