Family Fun Day at Boundary Dam

Woodlawn Regional Park hosted Family Fun Day at Boundary Dam on July 29th! I was able to attend along with my mom and younger sister, Shayna. I was thinking the event would have been tailored more toward younger kids, but to be honest, the park stayed true to the “Family Fun” part!  We had a blast!


First, we visited the Flea Market! So many cool vendors had their items on display and I loved looking around! From food to homemade necklaces, they had everything!

Shayna and I walked out of the Flea Market with some pretty cool bracelets from Elements Connected as well as some bubble tea from Sagu Bubble Tea to quench our thirst on a hot day!


Next, we stopped by the petting zoo! Shayna and I were both instantly drawn to the small kittens they had! We then looked at some of the other animals they had! I got a picture of the Jersey cow, a Llama along with her baby, and a Turkey!


There was also lots more to enjoy! For kids, there was lots of bouncy houses, rock climbing, and my personal favourite was the magician and circus performer Dr. Von Houligans! I was pretty impressed by his skills!

Shayna was lucky enough to be chosen as a volunteer in Dr. Von Houligans show! He was performing a card trick, but it was no ordinary card trick! See the video I took below!


Pretty cool right?  You can tell Shayna was impressed! Look at her reaction at the end!


After the show, it was time for me to head back into town, but I sure had an amazing day at Family Fun Day with my family 🙂

Until my next adventure,

Lorin 🙂

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Lorin Fichter
Lorin Fichter
My name is Lorin Fichter and this is my second summer working for Estevan Tourism. I grew up in Estevan but now attend the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon where I study Kinesiology. I am planning to finish my degree and then continue school to get my masters in Physiotherapy.