Fair, Food, & Fun!

I cannot believe June has come and gone and we are moving onto the second half of 2018! There is so much to love about the month of June. The blue skies and warm weather, excited kids starting summer vacation, and the annual fair comes to town! I for one have always loved watching the big colourful trailers roll into town. This year I had my parents, my brother, his girlfriend, and my adorable nephew accompany me to the fair.

My nephew was still a little young to join in on the rides but next June you better believe I will be THAT auntie. “Be right back… you can find me on the Merry-Go-Round!” 😊

My dad and I made sure to take part in some of the fun carnival games. In the video below, I have inserted the two clips of the friendly competition between my father and me. I beat him “fair” and square in the whack-a-mole game. Losing against your daughter… how embarrassing! He then decided the competition wasn’t going to end there. We went to the “water gun balloon race” game next, I am not sure of the actual name. When my dad’s balloon popped first I was content with the fact I lost against him. We each won one game; we were even. Then I watched the video back and had to disagree. I took the video proving that my balloon was significantly larger and showed my dad. He said that it didn’t matter if my balloon was bigger because his popped first! Technically he is correct, but I am still upset about my faulty balloon. It should be Mic-2 and Dad-0! Comment below if you agree 😉

Of course, the family and I had to visit one of the most important places at the Estevan fair and the reason so many people go … the perogie barn!

This has always been family tradition every year at the fair. Like always, they did not disappoint!

After we ate our delicious perogies we visited the Wylie Mitchel building to take a seat and visit. My nephew, Madden, was loving the music. Watch to the end of the video attached below to see me dance with the best and not to mention cutest, dance partner on the planet.

Before calling it a night, we had one more stop to make… the caramel apples and cotton candy trailer. Not the most nutritious snacks, but the fair only comes to town once a year, so you must go all out! I had so much fun spending time with my family and I look forward to the next fair I attend.

Take care and smile! More shortly,

Michaella Matthies