Michaella attemps a new sport … GOLF!

Hello everyone!

Recently, I was lucky enough to step away from the Tourism Center for the morning and visit one of Estevan’s biggest attractions: The TS&M Woodlawn Golf Club. They are located just 3km south of Estevan along the Souris River.

The TS&M Woodlawn Golf Course is a semi-private golf course. This course is wonderful for any golf enthusiast. If you are like me and have golfed very seldom before or if you are an expert, this course is suited for every golfer’s abilities. The golf club is also open to the public; if you want to book a tee time to show off your golf skills or if you are interested in signing up for lessons provided by PGA of Canada Professionals you can give them a call and they will be happy to help. The course is 18 holes, consisting of a front 9 holes and a redesigned back 9 holes.

We first went out the driving range to warm up … in other words to see if I even knew how to swing a golf club. Coming from a strong background in both female hockey and softball, I will not lie and say the swing came naturally to me, quite the opposite if I am being honest. It felt as if I was trying to take a very improper slap shot or swinging a baseball bat for a very low pitch. It was different, but the more I did it the more natural it became. Let’s just say it took a couple tries to get the ball to move… It was not easy getting used to having a loose grip and letting the club follow through with momentum. Instead I wanted to hold on tight and swing through with all my power… those poor handles of the clubs dealing with my death grip. 🙂

Next, we went to the putting green to warm up in that area before heading to the first hole. Luckily, putting came a little bit more natural for me. Before I knew it, we were off to the course! To my surprise, I hit the ball first try. Way too far to the right, but hey, the ball moved from the tee first swing. This was progress! I felt as though I improved on every hole which was always a good feeling. Even though it took me 8-10 shots to hit the green on the 4th hole; my putt to finish it off was awesome. Hole in 11, not bad for a beginner??

There were beautiful views all throughout the course. My favourite was the view from hole 6. I encourage everyone to take a few minutes during your next golf game to relax and admire this view.

I would like to send Linda Murphy, the Golf Club Administrator, a huge thank you for taking the time out of her schedule to take me on this experience, for teaching me about the course, as well as all I needed to know about golf etiquette. After we finished, I was treated to lunch at the Clubhouse. What better way to finish off a morning of golf than eating a delicious clubhouse sandwich, at the clubhouse, while admiring the view of hole number 1! That’s right, not much beats it.

I encourage everyone to visit the TS&M Woodlawn Golf Club; you will not regret it. Watch the video I created below to see me Experiencing Estevan!

Take care & smile! More shortly,

Michaella Matthies