Squash Courts

Due to COVID-19, the rental squash equipment is unavailable; please bring your own when booking.

To book the Squash Court, Click here to schedule OR call the Information Desk (306)634-1888.


The City of Estevan Leisure Centre features two squash courts. Courts can be reserved in advance by calling the Information Desk at 306-634-1888.  Court bookings are based on a facility pass or drop-in fee. Squash games can last 30-40 minutes and can help you burn up to 300 calories. Get a game in the morning, on lunch or right after work.

Equipment Rentals are available (racquets, balls and eyewear).


The objective of the game is for players to take turns hitting the ball against the front wall, above the tin and below the out line. The ball may strike the side or back walls at any time, as long as it hits below the out line. A ball that lands on the out line or the line along the top of the tin is considered to be out. After the ball hits the front wall, it is allowed to bounce once on the floor (and any number of times against the side or back walls) before a player must return it. Players may move anywhere around the court but accidental or deliberate obstruction of the other player’s movements is forbidden. Players typically return to the centre of the court after making a shot. Each game is played to 11 points. The player who scores 11 points first wins the game except if the score reaches 10-all, when the game continues until one player leads by two points. Either player may score points (PAR – point-a-rally). The server, on winning a rally, scores a point and retains the service; the receiver, on winning a rally, scores a point and becomes the server.

701 Souris Avenue North
Estevan, SK
P 306-634-1888
E infodesk@estevan.ca


Monday 6am – 10pm
Tuesday 6am – 9pm
Wednesday 6am – 10pm
Thursday 6am – 9pm
Friday 6am – 9pm
Saturday 9am – 9pm
Sunday 9am – 9pm

*Times vary during holidays and special events

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