A Tower of Strength

After migrating to Estevan from Greece in the 1960s and working in the construction industry, George Serregala decided to open a small café at a gas station just outside Estevan. This initiative quickly proved to be a success and led to the purchase of a building on 4th street Estevan which is now the famous Tower Café. Tower Café’s success led to further expansion which resulted in the present day facility consisting of Tower Café, 1124 Social Hall, and The Tap House.

According to Pete Serregela, son of founder George, the family (Pete and his three brothers) wanted to create three different social atmospheres in order to offer people a variety. “There are three different menus but they are all serviced by one amazing kitchen” says Pete who along with his brother Nick, manage and operate the Cafe. According to Pete: “We realize that dining out is a social event and social events are different so we try to accommodate everyone”.

What’s the secret to success?  Pete feels that hard work and a strong relationship with the community are the secrets to Tower Café’s success. All four brothers were born and raised in Estevan and ‘grew up’ in the café. “The community has supported us through economic boom and bust mainly because of the strong relationship we have with the community.” Pete further stresses that Estevan is a close knit and diverse community which “offers you everything that a big city can offer you.” Pete and his brothers are proud Canadians who are always eager to give back to the community of Estevan.