Becky visits the bar. The Spin kind.

Exercise at a bar? huh?

Whoever thinks the words bar and exercise would never mix have never been to a spin bar. Ohhhhh they mix all right. They mix with a bowl full of love and hate, sweat and tears and a rock hard bod.

I have always been intrigued by spin class. I thought it would be a great way to take some “me time’ and get some excercise. I have heard people talk about their love for spin, how great of a work out it was, the friendships they have made, the way it made them decompress, the way it made them feel…

What was holding me back? I suck at biking.

I mean I really really am terrible at biking. Oh, I can ride. I just am awful at it. I fall constantly because I am looking at scenery, talking to someone and clip my handle on a parked cars’ side mirror. I have endless stories of me messing up on a bike.

One time I ventured out with our dog in the basket and thought I could take on a little hill. I still have a scar. I always wear a helmet. 🙂

Sooooooooo you see the fear even a stationary bike can have on me. But I am not one to shy away from my fears. I confront them head on. With a smile. and a bit of fear in my heart.

My sister and I were going to do a drop in class at the Estevan Leisure Centre. She is a die hard workout warrior. I on the other hand like to take long walks. We had a nice mix of skill level.

On the day of class I was ready. Water bottle, runners, sweat pants, tshirt, sweater, pony tail.

We arrived early so I could meet with the instructor and get my bike set up for my body. We adjusted the pedal, the seat height the handle bars, and a couple other things that I wasn’t paying attention to. Thank gosh they had a little card that you write it down so you can use it next time.

Once she got our bikes adjusted we started the class. There was about 9 ladies in the class. They all ranged in ability levels. Some had their own special spin shoes others looked like me. Not the person that falls off bikes ALL THE TIME. Just a person who wants a good work out.

We did a circuit type of workout where we monitored our RPMs. We had to increase them and decrease them, increase our resistance and decrease it. Hold the RPM for 1 minute while standing.

Yup you read that right. Some of us, me, chose not to stand. Instead I tried to stand but then bumped my water bottle over that spilled all over the floor under my bike and looked like I had just had an accident.

Yup. I am graceful.

I managed to get through the spin class with a really beet red face, without barfing or without having any falls off the bike. The machine said that I burned 493 calories in 40 minutes. I’ll take that!

Next time I am going to bring a different water bottle. and maybe some sort of cushion for my unmentionables.

The spin class has sessions throughout the year that run about six weeks every Tuesday and Thursday and there are three different times throughout the day to choose from. Just call the Estevan Leisure Centre to find out more about Spin.

Get out there and #ExperienceEstevan



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Rebecca Westling
Rebecca Westling
I have four kids ranging from ages 2-14 and a husband that works in the agricultural field. Our family is very busy, but we always make time to slow down and enjoy the little things.