Kayaking in the Dark

Sure, why not. I would try anything once. Unless it is jumping out of a plane, or bungee jumping. Not ever.

Glow  Paddle

This event was totally impromptu. I was visiting with my friend last week and she was telling me about this facebook page she had started called Estevan Stand Up Paddle Board and Kayak. to get people that love Paddle Boarding and Kayaking together. told her I would follow it and that I loved her idea of getting a group of people out to go for a paddle together.

Later that afternoon I received a request for an event from her page. Glow Paddle. HECK YA! That sounded like a lot of fun and something I have never done before. Paddling in the Dark, my mind raced with adventure.

I booked my husband for a date and we went along with our lives. And as life happens things get scheduled and a meeting was scheduled in the afternoon of our date night, out of town. I thought I could still swing it as long as my husband prepared everything to get ready. BUT with the details passed on to him I forgot to mention that he needed to gather all the glow sticks.

Fast Forward to the day of the event and I am late arriving back to town from my meeting. I was so late I was running around like a lunatic because I did not want to cancel this date. Thank gosh my friend says no worries!! I have plenty of Glo stuff for you and your hubby. She is a complete gem!

Right at that moment I de-stressed. After all, that is one of the great benefits of Kayaking. De-Stress, peace, calm and a little exercise to boot!

We decorated our kayaks and watched the 15 other people arrive at the Souris River. There were people with glow sticks in patterns, mini lights that were battery powered, their paddle boards were lite from underneath, it was something to see. One mother, daughter team had their lifejackets lined with glow sticks that shook everytime they moved. They looked like some sort of alien creature. They also had this glow type thing that looked like a wheat grass on top of their helmets. I laughed every time they moved their head.

Once we were all on the river we had a few photos taken and then we paddled off. It soon grew VERY dark. But thank gosh for the very prepared people that had spot lights that helped guide our way. We also had a plan in place. We were assigned numbers and we would do a roll call of sorts. 1 though 17 and people would yell out there numbers to make sure we were all there. Homes line the river and I could just imagine what people were thinking when they heard that coming from the river.

I wasn’t at the front of the line when I heard a screech that freaked me out a bit but soon learned a giant turtle swam past a paddle boarded. yup living the dangerous life!

I had the best time. It filled my need for adventure and I can not wait to be not prepared again next time.

Get out there and #ExperienceEstevan


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