Becky spends an afternoon at the Horse Race, with golfers

A Horse Race with golfers?

Yup, you read that right. There are two types of horse races; one is set at the tracks where horses and jockeys race around the track and the other is set on the golf course.  The golf version of the Horse Race is also known as a shootout. In the golf horse race, one player is eliminated per hole until only one player is left at the end. Think of it as match play in the extreme with a crowd of spectators watching your every move

Beckys’ oldest son “T” has his first Horse Race Experience

Now you know a little about what a golf horse race is, let me tell you the another side of it.

The Horse Race is a part of the Classic Tournament at TS&M Woodlawn Golf Course every year. It is now called the Dave Price Memorial Horse Race honouring a man that was dedicated to the course and had a love for golf, this tournament is meant to honour his memory and his family.

The Horse Race is a LOT of fun. Once I started going to the races about 5 years ago, I have always made a point to attend every year. This year I took the oldest son “T” as my date. He loves golf, any sport really and pre-tournament he had a lot of questions. (Surprise, Surprise!) “Are there really horses? How can the course let horses on to their greens? Why do they call it a Horse Race with no Horses? How can there be music played when it is supposed to be quiet? Can I one day play in it? How old do you have to be?” *Smile.

T and I arrived early to get our cart from the cart shed. The course was buzzing with more carts lined up in front of the club house than T has ever seen. People were milling about, visiting, snacking, drinking. The day was perfect for the Horse Race.

We went to look at the leader board to see who was in the race. T and I chose who we thought might win. He looked at the stats and went choose Anthony Melle. I asked him why he picked him and said “I dunno, I just like his name,” Haha. I went with some safe bets, people that I knew.

We went up to the clubhouse and grabbed a snack and a drink and set out to hole number 10. We pulled up next to my cousin, his wife, and their three-year-old daughter. We visited with them until we could see the golfers come around the trees. Their game had started. The first hole resulted in a chip off, where the two highest scoring players had the same score so they had to chip onto the green and whoever was closest got to move on.

T was in his glory watching the best golfers in Estevan play. I had a great time visiting with friends and family. If you get the chance next August long, make sure the Dave Price Memorial Horse Race is on your list of to do’s. My tip: make sure to rent a golf cart early!

Get out there and #ExperienceEstevan,


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Rebecca Westling
Rebecca Westling
I have four kids ranging from ages 2-14 and a husband that works in the agricultural field. Our family is very busy, but we always make time to slow down and enjoy the little things.