Flying over Estevan

Becky and I are both supporters of the phrase “be a tourist in your own city!” Last week we took a unique tour over Estevan, and you can too!

I like to consider myself an avid traveler. I have been on my fair share of planes, but never have I been on a small airplane like the one Becky, and I flew in. I can’t think of a better place to fly in one, than over Estevan!

Our pilot, Richard, took us over the City of Estevan, the Souris River and across Boundary Dam! I didn’t realize how twisty the Souris River was.


The photo of the plane is the one we flew in, and I was surprised when Richard asked me if I wanted to try flying it. Let’s just say, I’m happy in my Commerce classes and you won’t see me switching into aviation anytime soon!

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Below are some more photos Becky and I took on our flight! Recognize any of the places in the photos?

Did you know that the Estevan Airport used to be South of the City? If you look at the picture of the water tower, you will notice that it says “Airport” on top with an arrow pointing in the direction of the Airport. This was done to help pilots find their way to our Airport after it moved locations.

Another fun fact for you, did you know that the Airplane fuel sits in the wings of the Airplane!

Like Becky says, “Go Experience Estevan!”

Till next time,



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Michelle Fergusson
Michelle Fergusson
Michelle grew up in Estevan, and is very familiar with the ins and outs of the Energy City. During the school year, she attends the University of Saskatchewan where she is working towards her Bachelor's degree in Commerce with a major in Marketing.