Experience Churchill Park

Churchill Park has always been one of my favorite parks in Estevan. I love that you can see into the valley, and as far as Boundary Dam Power Station, it is quite an impressive building. I really enjoy the long path that stretches across the park. Once you reach the fork the path takes you to the ball diamonds down at Cactus Park.

Nothing screams “summer is here” more than the strong smell of lilac coming off from the large lilac bushes planted within the park grounds. It is always so great to see the park filled with people of all ages doing various activities.

But, you can’t beat going to Churchill Park with an old friend to swing on the swings, walk through the park, and catching up and sharing the big and exciting events that happened to us while we were away at school!

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Michelle Fergusson
Michelle Fergusson
Michelle grew up in Estevan, and is very familiar with the ins and outs of the Energy City. During the school year, she attends the University of Saskatchewan where she is working towards her Bachelor's degree in Commerce with a major in Marketing.