Becky Savours the Southeast…with the wrong shoes

Savour the Southeast – May 13,2017

Some of you may know that I have four kids and haven’t had a social life really at all in the last year, besides running the kids to hockey, swimming, volleyball. baseball, you know, The Mom Life. That’s why I was so excited to have tickets to Savour the Southeast in my hot little hands.
My husband and I, along with another couple, spent the entire night sipping and sampling away. My favourite was the apple bourbon. Who knew! I always thought bourbon was a drink for my grandpa! The hubby loved the grapefruit beer. We both will be adding these to our summer must haves.
I loved that we were supporting a great project for the Estevan Kinsmen club’s outdoor facility and loved visiting people that I haven’t seen since baby R came into our world. It was a unique date night! My hubby even dragged me out on the dance floor, hence the sore feet.
What a night,



  1. Wear appropriate footwear. New heels may not be the best choice.
  2. Wear layers. It was hot in Affinity Place for the first few hours then it cooled off.
  3. Scope out the scene first. The booths with the longest line ups usually have the best drinks.
  4. Don’t eat supper before hand.
  5. Grab a table up on the walking track. It’s nice to have a home base.
  6. Plan for a safe ride home. The taxis are busy and can be a bit of a wait.

Three Live Bands

Yup you heard that right. THREE live bands all from Saskatchewan. First up was Private Drive, think country, blues and rock. Next was the PistolWhips. They rocked out with an Indie type vibe. Then came Brody Siebert, both my husband and I love country music and we couldn’t stop grooving to this band. (BLISTERS)


Food Booths

Ok, there was a LOT of food. I made the mistake of eating before hand, a rookie mistake. We did try the noodles from the Southeast Newcomer Services booth.Yum. Oh and we had pulled pork on a bun from Beatz Eats truck on the way home.

Complete list of vendors

Spirit Booths

When we first arrived I felt we needed to visit every single booth. We soon learned what we liked and what we didn’t and thankfully our booths were right next to each other!

Complete list of vendors


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