Official Community Plan

The  Official Community Plan  provides the policy framework to define, direct and evaluate development in the City of Estevan. The plan ensures that development takes place in an orderly and rational manner, balancing the environmental, social and economic needs of the community.

All other plans related to land use and development are secondary to the Official Community Plan.

The current Official Community Plan is intended to ensure that the City of Estevan evolves, improves and realizes its full potential. The most recent Official Community Plan consolidation of policies is in effect as of March 2011.

The Official Community Plan is divided into five Sections:

Section 1; Identifies the Legislative Authority, Scope, Purpose and Procedures used in preparing, enacting, and administering the OCP.

Section 2; Examines pertinent physical/environmental, regional, demographic, and socioeconomic attributes of the City of Estevan and further establishes policy related to the opportunities, impacts, and/or constraints that such attributes may pose for growth and development.

Section 3; Examines a wide range of Planning and Development issues relating to various aspects of Landuse, Facilities, and Infrastructure. Each topic has been presented with relevant goals followed by objective/policy statements intended to support the goal.

Section 4; Sets out a general land use pattern with respect to the City’s future desired growth and expansion and identifies relevant characteristics and considerations attributing to such development.

Section 5; Establishes the strategy and tools which will be used to implement the OCP, including Land use/Development controls, Policy relating to Infrastructure financing, Staging and coordination of land and infrastructure development, as well as public participation in the planning process.

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