Land Development

Richard Neufeld, BSc.,RPP, MCIP

Land Development Manager
tel: (306) 634-1800

Estevan is home to prime develop-able land that suits the needs of a variety of business sizes. City of Estevan owned land is available in the Glen Peterson Industrial Lots.

The Advantage:

• Excellent transportation links to millions of consumers in Canada and the U.S.
• Well educated and skilled workforce at competitive wage rates
• Access to a variety of employment lands and buildings at competitive prices.
• Competitive business costs and access to a wide range of business support services.
• Quality of life that provides an active and healthy lifestyle.

Details on each lot available here. Contact
Peyton Hogan
Cushman & Wakefield
(306) 791-9577

Imagine a neighbourhood that is designed to promote a sense of community. A place where you will want to meet your neighbours, where you feel safe and where you and your family will not just live, but build a home and a history.

Single-family homes on a cul-de-sacs near a park with greenspace, a splash pad and walking paths. As well as within walking distance to two elementary schools and Hospital.

Lot are available in Hawkes Bay just off of Wellock Road.

For detailed information about residential lots please contact City of Estevan Development Planner at

Subdivision procedures and processes are used by the City of Estevan in order to regulate the splitting up of land into smaller sized parcels intended for purposes of accommodating development. The City’s authority to control land subdivision allows the City the ability to control the scope, timing, and extent of development in the interests of the City as a whole. As the subdivision of land will, in one aspect or another, involve the provision of public services and/or use of public infrastructure, the City does have a direct interest in how land is being subdivided and developed. Through review and regulation, the City is able to ensure land subdivision is being undertaken in an efficient and economical manner having regard to the City’s land use planning objectives, policies, and development standards.

Application Form

Application Requirements

In order to apply for subdivision approval an applicant must complete and submit a prescribed subdivision application form, accompanied by a plan of proposed subdivision prepared by a Saskatchewan Legal Surveyor or Professional Community Planner. The Provincial Subdivision Regulations outline what information is required to be included on a plan of proposed subdivision. The applicant must provide adequate details regarding the proposal which allows the City to properly evaluate the proposal to ensure conformance with its local policies, bylaw and regulatory requirements, as well as Provincial Subdivision regulations. The City may require additional information, and may refuse to accept the application, as complete, if certain information is requested and not provided. In some instances it may also be necessary to apply for property rezoning in order to accommodate a land subdivision. Existing zoning and the standards that apply should be checked prior to proceeding with a formal subdivision application.

As part of the City’s subdivision review process, the following items will be taken into consideration:

  • Comments of City departments and referral agencies
  • design and orientation of lots & streets
  • land use zoning provisions
  • adjacent land use compatibility
  • site access provisions
  • utility servicing, surface & subsurface drainage & waste disposal
  • vehicular & pedestrian traffic flows
  • street works
  • public infrastructure requirements
  • environmental protection
  • site topography & soil conditions
  • municipal reserve/open space provisions
  • performance standards

Depending on the complexity and extent of subdivision, the City may require the proponent of subdivision to enter into a development/servicing agreement to outline all requirements and obligations of subdivision including, but not limited to utility servicing/infrastructure development, performance standards and payment of associated off-site development levies.


There is a $150.00 non-refundable Application Fee plus a charge of $100.00 per new lot/parcel created. The charges will be invoiced to the applicant pending the City rendering a decision on the application. The application fee will accompany the application. Cheque, cash, Visa/Mastercard is accepted.

Offsite Development Levies are charged based on the size of any new lot created (Base Charge is $232,279.00 per hectare of new lot/parcel created by subdivision). Payment of the offsite development levies are determined by an agreement when subdividing the land.

Decision & Timing

The time limit for processing a subdivision application is 90 days from the date the City determines the application to be in complete and final form. After review is complete, a subdivision application will either be approved with or without conditions, or refused. Under certain circumstances, there are provisions for appealing a decision to the Estevan Development Appeals Board.

Rezoning of land or undertaking amendments to other aspects of a zoning bylaw are procedures used by the City of Estevan in order to respond to development proposals and/or changing needs or desires within the City, in addition to maintaining efficiency, effectiveness, and harmony with the City’s Official plan policies.

Application Requirements

In order to apply for the rezoning of land and/or a textual amendment to a zoning bylaw, an applicant must complete and submit a prescribed application form, accompanied by information in support of the rezoning or textual amendment proposal. (The support information required to be submitted will depend on what the proposal entails. Support information could involve a site plan and design drawings of the proposed project, or a plan of proposed subdivision)

Rezoning a property to an alternate zoning district and/or undertaking a textual amendment to a zoning bylaw requires that there be a review process in place to ensure that the change will produce a positive result which meets the City’s standard for development and does not result in negative impacts to property owners, and/or the community as a whole. The review process further provides the public with an opportunity to express any concerns with the proposed changes.

Rezoning Application

Review Procedures

As part of the City’s rezoning/textual amendment review process, the following items will be taken into consideration:

  • Comments of City Business Divisions & referral agencies
  • Public and Adjacent Property owner consultation
  • Will the change promote good planning and what if any impact will result on adjacent land uses, utility services, infrastructure and developments?
  • Is the change consistent with City planning policies and objectives?
  • What impact will the change have on future development within the City?

The decision whether or not to rezone land and/or undertake a textual amendment to the zoning bylaw is at the sole discretion of City Council. Council’s decision is final and may not be appealed. Proponents of land rezoning and/or textual amendments are advised that it is their responsibility to submit information that supports such initiatives.


There is a $800.00 non-refundable application fee. The $800.00 application fee must accompany the application submission. Fees payable at City Hall with Cash, Cheque, Visa/MasterCard.

Decision and Timing

The time frame for completing a rezoning/textual amendment is approximately 8-10 weeks from the date on which a complete application is received by the City. Pending a rezoning and/or textual zoning amendment adoption by the City, the proponent may proceed with applying for related approvals including Development Permit and/or Land Subdivision. If a rezoning/textual amendment request is denied, the related proposal cannot proceed further.

Lot consolidation is a process whereby two or more existing legal lots or parcels are consolidated into a single lot/parcel. Lot Consolidation may be required by the City of Estevan in order to accommodate development proposals which extend across legal lot lines and/or for purposes of accommodating property owner requests for reducing the number of legal lots associated with a site that consists of two or more legal lots. Lot consolidations can be a cost savings to a Property owner given that the associated costs of registering an interest or transferring a title on a single consolidated lot will be considerably less than what it would be for a site containing two or more legal lots.

Application Requirements

In order to apply for lot consolidation approval, an applicant must first submit a letter of request to:

City of Estevan Land Development Services Office
City Hall
1102 Fourth Street
Estevan, Saskatchewan
S4A 0W7

The letter of request must be accompanied by an illustrative plan of lot consolidation. Illustrative plans must clearly identify the registered property owner(s) current legal lot(s) description and show existing legal lot boundaries including dimensions. A copy of the most recent property titles to be effected is also required. Where requested, the City may prepare the consolidation plan.

Review Procedures

For a proposed lot consolidation approval to be issued, City Council must pass a resolution approving the proposed consolidation.

As part of the lot consolidation review process undertaken by the City, the following items will be taken into consideration:

  • Comments of City Business Divisions & referral utility agencies including SaskPower, SaskTel, SaskEnergy, and Access Communications
  • Zoning Bylaw requirements including development standards and lot sizes.

Upon receiving the City’s approval for lot consolidation proponents are advised that it is their responsibility for preparing and submitting (to the ISC corporation) all required information for purposes of having the lot consolidation registered, existing titles cancelled, and a new title issued.


There is a $100.00 processing fee for lot consolidation approvals issued by the City. The $100.00 processing fee must accompany the letter of request for lot consolidation approval.

Decisions & Timing

The time frame for granting a lot consolidation approval is approximately 4-6 weeks from the date on which the City of Estevan receives a letter of request for lot consolidation approval.


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