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Building permit procedures are established and used by the City of Estevan in order to evaluate design, construction, and occupancy of new buildings, and the repair, addition, alteration, reconstruction, demolition, removal, relocation, and change in occupancy of existing buildings. In most cases, a building permit cannot be issued unless a corresponding development permit has been applied for and obtained. Unlike a development permit (which authorizes a site to be developed, used, or changed for a specific purpose or use), a building permit authorizes a proponent to commence construction of a building or structure in accordance with the conditions of permit. Building permit review is intended to:

  • ensure that a proposed construction project is being undertaken in accordance with procedures, processes and requirements adopted in the City of Estevan Building Bylaw.
  • ensure that a proposed construction project is being undertaken in accordance with the requirements of the Uniform building and Accessibility Standards Act & Regulations and National Building Code of Canada.


In order to obtain a building permit, an applicant must complete and submit a prescribed form, accompanied by detailed construction drawings and specifications which will allow the City to properly evaluate the proposal in accordance with its regulatory requirements and related codes. The plan submission and construction details required for submission will depend on what type of construction is proposed. The City’s building official should be contacted in this regard.

As part of the City’s building review process, the following items will be taken into consideration:

  • Zoning Requirements/Development Permit conditions
  • Compliance with the City of Estevan Building Bylaw
  • Referrals made to the City of Estevan Fire Department, Engineering Department, and Provincial Health Inspector
  • Conformance with Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards Act and Regulations and the requirements of the National building code

Proponents are required to arrange for City inspections during various stages of the construction work.


The charge for a building permit is based on $6.00 per $1000.00 of construction value permit fee (minimum of $40.00) + applicable Surveyor’s Fees (1205.00 + GST as of January 2016, includes Basement Staking and Real Property Re-port).

Decisions & Timing

The time period for processing a building permit application will depend on the type of construction proposed. Upon receipt and review of a complete application and support information, the Building Official will either confirm compliance or non-compliance with the City’s building regulations and related codes. After review is complete a building permit will either be issued with or without conditions, or refused.



Building Permits Are Required: 

  1. To erect a new building or structure including but not limited to garages (attached & detached), carports, decks & patios, porches, entrance steps, retaining walls, swimming pools, and mobile homes.
  2. To renovate, repair, add onto, alter, change the use of, or reconstruct an existing building or structure.
  3. To develop all or part of a residential basement, recreation room, or install a fireplace.
  4. For any repairs which change or affect the structural nature of a building or structure.
  5. Any work regulated by City of Estevan Building Bylaw and the Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards Act & Regulations or N.B.C.


Building Permits Are NOT Required: 

  1. Fences, private sidewalks & driveways, planters (Fences are required to comply with zoning height restrictions).
  2. Painting, cabinet work, decorating and laying carpet.
  3. Repairs using similar or same materials for the purpose of maintenance and which does not affect any mechanical or structural work.
  4. Accessory Buildings and Structures (garden sheds, etc) that do not exceed 10 square meters in area, provided that minimum setback requirements (from property lines) are maintained as cited in the City of Estevan Zoning Bylaw.


Building Permits Application Submission Requirements: 

  1. A complete Building Permit Application Form prescribed by the City’s Building Official.
  2. Five (5) sets of plans and specifications-Commercial/ Industrial/ Institutional/ Multi-family Residential Projects.
  3. Three (3) sets of plans and specifications-Residential Projects
  4. All plan submissions are required to be accurately drawn to a metric scale (imperial units may only be shown in addition to metric units).


Information that must be shown on Building Plan Submissions: 

  1. Dimensioned plot plan showing proposed building location on the lot. Plan must include legal lot description, north arrow, as well as show abutting streets and lanes. Accurately show exterior dimensions of building/lot as well as distance of proposed building to other (existing) buildings and legal lot lines (setbacks).
  2. Foundation design details and Backfill height (where applicable).
  3. Structural details including cross-sections of walls, roof and floor. Insulation factors.
  4. Complete Mechanical & Electrical details.
  5. Exterior elevations (including dimensioned height from grade) of the proposed building including all windows, doors, projections, roof top equipment and exterior finishing materials including roof and siding.

* Depending on the type of building proposed an Architect’s or Engineer’s seal on the plans/design may be required. Applicants should contact the City’s Building official to determine whether such a seal is required.

Performance Deposit
Performance deposits shall be required alongside a development/building permit for the following types of projects:

  • Any new residential dwelling or an addition to an existing residential dwelling;
  • Any new commercial structure, addition, or accessory building over 120 square metres;
  • Any new industrial structure, addition, or accessory building over 120 square metres; and,
  • Any other development with special development standards as determined by the Development Officer or the Building Official.


The performance deposit amount will be calculated as 5% of total estimated value of construction, to a maximum of $5,000. The deposit will be collected at the same time as the Development Permit fee, or the Building Permit fee in case of residential development. The deposit will be returned in its entirety when the following conditions are met:

  • The applicant has requested a final inspection of the project;
  • All conditions of the permit of been completed to the satisfaction of either the Development Officer or Building Official;
  • The structure is compliant with the National Building Code 2010; and
  • The project has been completed within two (2) years of the permit issuance or an extension for the project has been granted and the work is completed in that time period.


Any performance deposit held for a period greater than two (2) years will be forfeited to the city. Any applicant may make a request in writing to extend the period by one (1) year. An applicant cannot make more than two requests for any given project. All requests must be made within the end of the given time frame.


  1. $6.00 per $1000.00 project value
  2. Performance Deposit calculated as of 5% of total estimated value of construction to a maximum of $5,000.00
  3. Other permits that may be required: Development Permit, Electrical Permit, Sewer & Water Permit, Demolition Permit, Moving Permit, Sign Permit.



City of Estevan

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Building Official/Inspector- 306-634-1819

Water & Sewer Permits- 306-634-1800


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