We are a competitive bunch in the Visitor Centre regardless of skill level. So when Becky asked Maddie and I if we wanted to play pickleball, there was no hesitation. None of us had played prior to this game but that didn’t stop the trash talking and bets.

So it’s May Long

My take on the best things to do in Estevan -no matter what the weather!

Give Me a Beat Boys

A friend and I went to Art Concepts Custom Framing on Saturday, March 30th for live music and we had the pleasure of seeing Poor Nameless Boy and Adyn Townes perform.

Appetizing Estevan

On February 22nd Tourism Estevan debuted the Appetizing Estevan Culinary Tour. Months of preparation had come to this. I don’t know who was more excited, myself or my group! I had the pleasure of escorting 16 people that night.

Squashing it up

The top ten things I have learned since taking up the game of squash.

Attempting to throw a rock

Becky: The Home Hardware Canada Cup was recently in Estevan and I had the opportunity to Volunteer at it. I worked in two areas; Ceremonies, bringing the teams to the ice and The Patch, working behind the bar. I had a blast doing both jobs but it didn’t top what we recently did.

Estevan always has great curling

Anytime curling is on television I tune in, so being that it was happening in my hometown I took advantage of the opportunity to see a world class event. From December 5-9, 2018, Estevan hosted the Home Hardware Canada Cup, I decided to volunteer for the event because I thought it would be a nice way to interact with people and watch some curling. It ended up being a terrific way to meet people, make new friends and talk to old ones but, I watched minimal curling.

My Summer…. Experiencing Estevan

I had an awesome summer working at the Visitor Centre here at the Estevan Leisure Centre. Lorin and I had the opportunity to meet some very kind people traveling from all over Canada and as well as the United States. I thought I would write to you one last time and give you a short over view of all the things I was lucky enough to experience this summer.