Local choices for your Christmas list

There is no shortage of talent here in Estevan, and you don’t have to look too hard to find great local works of art. I  find some really awesome local made ideas for your Christmas list!

Call Me an Artist

I needed something new to experience, something that I’ve never done before, and The Estevan Arts Gallery and Museum offered a class that caught my eye…

Pottery Class

I joined artist in residence, Ruth Langwieser, at the Estevan Art Gallery & Museum to learn about pottery. I quickly learned it is much harder than I thought!

THE Horse Race

Each year we descend on TS&M Woodlawn Golf Course for the Dave Price Memorial Horse Race, as it is now called. A horse race in golf is not unique, it’s played all over, but if you aren’t familiar it might seem a little whacky. 

YEE to the HAW

The 13th annual Fountain Tire Barrel Ex at the Exhibition Grounds was on my agenda for the weekend but before I ventured over to the exhibition grounds I looked up ‘Horse’ in Wikipedia in an attempt to gain some quick knowledge and try and impress people with my wit and skill.

Every Day is a Beach Day

We headed to the beach. We packed light; a couple of shovels, a bucket, a plastic bat and ball, two towels and a life jacket.

Let’s Go Fishing

We have a family tradition that the person with the least amount of fish caught, has to buy everybody McDonald’s coffee (we love our coffee). 

Disc Golf at Torgeson Park

Denille and Maddie lost the last match at pickleball against Becky, but they challenged her to another game and another sport, to try and even out the scoreboard.

Crafting is the best medicine

Find balance and perspective with creativity. The Estevan Art Gallery and Museum a great spot to find just that. Family Art. $2.00