5 Places Estevan Locals Love

When our family travels we love to chat with the locals in the area about their recommendations for where to go, things to check out and food to eat. We’ve found some fantastic hole in the wall food joints, hiked to the best views, and avoided some harry situations (like swimming at the shark bite capital of the world beach …

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A Look at the Pathway Expansion

For years, residents of the city of Estevan have requested and expressed a high priority for developing the walkability of our city. Council has had improvements in the works
for many years and now the time has finally come where the proposals have been matched with funding and we have PATHWAYS!

The Glow Paddle | HighLIGHT of Your Summer

One of my life mottos is “If you plan it they will come”. (Are you old enough to get that reference?) As far as mottos go, it’s one that always works. If you want to participate in fun things you just need to plan fun things.

Prairie Pro Outfitters | Catching Memories

The slogan “Catching Memories” describes their service perfectly – the day we spent fishing with Ralph was filled to the brim with new memories and will go down as an experience that our family never forgets.

Estevan Historical Walking Tour

Both of us grew up in houses with deep history and character. His was actually a house package that you could order from the Eaton’s Catalogue in the late 1800’s.

Shoulder Season Day Camping

I had paddled the river enough to see myriads of painted turtles, beavers, blue herons, various fish, muskrats, and even had an angry Canadian Goose dive at my head but this beast that seemed in that glimpse to be a solid 18 inches wide, brownish-green with humps and “spikes” wasn’t anything I had a reference for.