City Moves Forward with Downtown Revitalization

Estevan, SK ( May 8, 2024) – City of Estevan council and administration is moving forward with the Downtown Revitalization project as planned, following a petition public meeting held at 4:30pm today. The confirmed advancement of this project during today’s meeting is a result of the provided petition being found to be insufficient in quantity of valid participants.

The project’s construction is currently focused on the underground infrastructure of the 1100th block and will expand to the 1200th block in an estimated 5-6 weeks. Sidewalks will remain open during construction for as long as possible to maintain storefront access, along with 12th Avenue through 4th Street, to assist with traffic flow through the downtown core.

For information pertaining to the project, please visit where development updates will be posted throughout the construction period. If you have additional questions pertaining to this project, please contact City Hall at 306-634-1800 or e-mail

View the official press release here