Southeast Saskatchewan Coal Transition Initiative Announcement

The Rural Municipality of Estevan No.5, the City of Estevan and Sunrise Community Futures Development Corporation would jointly like to announce the following funding allocations through the Coal Transition Initiative in support of development and programming for community advancement.
Rural Municipality of Estevan No.5
The Rural Municipality of Estevan will receive $175,000 in order to further develop economic and community strategies in partnership with the Rural Municipality of Coalfields and the Town of Bienfait. These funds will assist in expanding economic opportunities across each municipality and work to expand community support. This funding allocation is an extension to March 31, 2023 for the Regional Economic Development Director and team and directly supports regional economic development activities of the Southeast Sask Economic Partnership Inc.
City of Estevan
The City of Estevan will receive funding allocations for the upgrade of the intersection at Pine Avenue and King Street ($465,000), to maintain economic development capacity($150,000) and to obtain a Bioeconomy Development Opportunity Zone Designation($65,166).
The intersection upgrade at Pine Avenue and King Street coincides with the significant rehabilitation of the Estevan Market Mall, by increasing investment into the facility and expanding the retail options offered. This advancement will increase employment opportunities and quality of living in the Estevan area. This lighted intersection is a crucial piece to the rehabilitation project and will ensure proper and safe access for motorist and pedestrians to access the facility.
In addition, as the City of Estevan continues to look at diversification of job opportunities and industry in the area, it is crucial to have a point of contact to work with business and government agencies to move projects forward. This funding will support the City of Estevan in order to maintain economic development capacity through continued progression and seeking additional opportunities within the region.
The Bioeconomy Development Opportunity Zone Initiative enables areas that are looking to diversify their economy, the opportunity to pull forward green technology into their communities and support the development of new markets for biomass energy. The funding through Prairies Can will allow the municipality to obtain a Bioeconomy Development Opportunity Zone Designation and, in doing so, build more domestic opportunities through local advancements.
Sunrise Community Futures Development Corporation
Sunrise Community Futures Development Corporation (CF Sunrise) received $135,000 to develop small businesses in Estevan and region as destination businesses for the purpose of business retention, expansion and development.
The Destination Business Program focuses on providing training to businesses on how to attract new customers from outside of their local marketplace. Additionally, the Program provides follow-up support and a platform for business-to-business networking. Since its inception, the Program has had more than 100 businesses participate and recently received the 2022-23 Award for Excellence in Innovation at the Provincial Summit.
“The City of Estevan, Rural Municipality of Estevan No. 5 and CF Sunrise are doing great work to develop the regional economy, from infrastructure upgrades to expanding job opportunities to diversify and grow the local economy,” said the Honourable Dan Vandal, Minister for PrairiesCan. “PrairiesCan is pleased to see the positive impact this support is having in southeast Saskatchewan.”
“We are thankful to PrairiesCan for their continued recognition of the value CF Sunrise provides the region’s entrepreneurs and communities,” said Andria Brady, General Manager for CF Sunrise. “We look forward to continuing to support the development of our regional economy.”
These funds are vital to the region to assist in making local improvements to infrastructure and to provide professional services to new and existing businesses within our community. Jointly, the Rural Municipality of Estevan No.5, the City of Estevan and Community Futures Sunrise would like to thank PrairiesCan for their continued commitment to the region and their ongoing support of local initiatives.
Rural Municipality of Estevan No.5
Tim Keating
City of Estevan
Jacquelyn Massey-Rounds
Marketing Manager
Community Futures Sunrise
Andria Brady
General Manager