THE Horse Race

Each year we descend on TS&M Woodlawn Golf Course for the Dave Price Memorial Horse Race, as it is now called. A horse race in golf is not unique, it’s played all over, but if you aren’t familiar, it might seem a little whacky.

Golfers, caddies, and spectators on Hole 10 at TS&M Woodlawn Golf Course.


2 golfers compete for the title Horse Race title. Each hole the golfer with the highest score is eliminated. It’s simple enough; the hard part is figuring out how all the carts and spectators are going to make it around without crashing. I think it’s the most interesting part! Once the players finish putting it’s a mad dash to get a spot at the next hole.

You can also bet on the golfers, which adds another element of fun to the event. I bet on last years winner, Jay Thiessen. Hoping for a repeat and some quick cash I put $10 on Mr. Thiessen. He came in second to local boy Nolan Rohatyn! I still won some money so I was happy.

The Horse Race is truly a social event, and the highlight of the Frametech Classic tournament. Most of us locals plan our August Long weekend around it and will continue for years.

If you have not taken part in a game of golf this season, try your luck at either of courses here, TS&M Woodlawn Gold Course or Hidden Valley Golf and RV and #ExperienceEstevan.

– Denille

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Denille Schroeder
Denille Schroeder
I am looking forward to sharing my interests with the folks of Estevan, which include coffee, my dog Kaiser, the outdoors, staying active, and being selectively cheap. There are some great options in Estevan if the last three appeal to you. I spend quite a bit of my free time working out at the track at Affinity Place, utilizing the equipment at Fresh Air Fitness, and touring the trails and walking paths throughout the city.

I think my personality shines through in my experiences and hope you enjoy my wit and sense of humor.