Recreational Needs Assessment Results

A recreational needs assessment was completed by Atlwest Communications to provide an unbiased, evidence-based resource for consideration of recreational facilities. This comprehensive report provides perspectives from over 700 respondents on the current and future recreational needs for the City.

The assessment identifies many strengths and positive aspects for recreational users within the City. More importantly, the assessment provides the respondents’ gap analysis in specific areas whereby recommendations for improvements are provided for consideration.

It is important to note that the findings of this assessment are additional tools for Mayor and Council to consider in conjunction with other strategic documents when making investment decisions including:

  • City of Estevan Strategic Plan
  • Economic Development Board strategic plan
  • City of Estevan “Our initiative”
  • National framework for Recreation44

The assessment lists ten recommendations along with rationales ranging in complexity from improving communications and fostering partnerships, to consideration of future multiuse facility development. These future investment considerations have the caveat of feasibility assessment and significant community inclusion into a decision -making as being paramount to future large-scale projects.

Recretional Needs Assessment Final Report

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