Disc Golf at Torgeson Park

Denille and Maddie lost the last match at pickleball against Becky, but they challenged her to another game and another sport, to try and even out the scoreboard. They challenged Becky to a game of “Frolf” (frisbee golf) or disc golf. The results were incredible. (in Maddie and Denilles’ opinion)

#mummawins will be hard for her to hashtag because Mumma lost, big time. Becky says the wind is to blame for coming in last.

Maddie & Denille taking a selfie on the #ExperienceEstevan selfie spot

Disc Golf is a combination of Golf and Frisbee. It is a flying disc sport in which players throw a disc at a target, (basket). It is played using similar rules to golf, it is often played on a course of 9 or 18 holes.

Torgeson Park has 9 holes and Maddie dominated all of them while Becky and Denille struggled. At each of the holes, there is a cement circle where you start; and like golf, your next throw is where your Frisbee landed and continue to throw until your disc is in the basket. The lowest score at the end of 9 holes wins the game.

Here is a quick video of us playing disc golf, you can clearly see who needs the extra practice.. hehe 😉

The lowest score wins… Maddie takes the cake with Denille a hair off, and Becky dead last. #Nexttimemama

Madison – 42
Denille – 45
Becky – 50

Overall Competition Scores (2019):

Becky – 1
Maddie – 1
Denille – 0

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Madison Colbow
Madison Colbow
I grew up as a hockey player and was away from my hometown, Estevan for a lot of my childhood. I moved out of my family house at the age of sixteen and lived in Weyburn, Saskatchewan with a billet family. After I graduated high school there, I travelled to Calgary, Alberta to study RTBN (Radio Television and Broadcast News) and pursue my hockey career at SAIT Polytechnic. I received my Diploma and decided to continue my hockey career at the University of Saskatchewan. Once the season was over, I realized I missed my home town and wanted to start my adult life in the city I grew up in. After so many years of being away, it is nice to be back with my family, friends and community.
I’m so happy to be home and get to experience the skills I’ve learned along the way with you all.


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