Getting up close and personal

Have you really #ExperiencedEstevan if you haven’t been on an Energy Tour?

Maddie: Denille and I have lived in Estevan for many years, and this week we went on our first Energy tour. Lead by the tour guide, Kacie Sovdi, we explored the mine site, Shand Power Station, and Shand greenhouse.

Denille and Maddie in front of the Shand Power Station.

Denille: Like Maddie said, this was the first time I’ve been to the Shand Power Station or really saw those big machines up close. I knew where it was, what it does, and that draglines were big, but it was neat to get a closer look at all that takes place there. And it was FREE! You all know how I love free.

Maddie: Yes Denille, draglines are big! And the greenhouse houses so many plants, and have a program that distributes up 500,000 plants in and around the community. I’m sure they really appreciated you helping out by picking weeds.

Being helpful at the Shand Greenhouse.

Denille: I recommend people take the opportunity to come and see the folks at SaskPower and learn a little about the industry.

Maddie: If you’re interested in a tour, contact the Visitor Information Centre. Tours take place at 9:00 am and 1:00 pm, and are lead by the fabulous Kacie Sovdi!

Maddie, Denille, and Kacie


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Madison Colbow
Madison Colbow
I grew up as a hockey player and was away from my hometown, Estevan for a lot of my childhood. I moved out of my family house at the age of sixteen and lived in Weyburn, Saskatchewan with a billet family. After I graduated high school there, I travelled to Calgary, Alberta to study RTBN (Radio Television and Broadcast News) and pursue my hockey career at SAIT Polytechnic. I received my Diploma and decided to continue my hockey career at the University of Saskatchewan. Once the season was over, I realized I missed my home town and wanted to start my adult life in the city I grew up in. After so many years of being away, it is nice to be back with my family, friends and community.
I’m so happy to be home and get to experience the skills I’ve learned along the way with you all.


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