Crafting is the best medicine

I am a creative person. I try to instill into my kid’s brains the freedom of choice and style through creating art. That balance between competition and creativity is a delicate and important one.

The Estevan Art Gallery and Museum is a perfect location for that creativity to shine, plus I can juggle it in with our hectic life in a once a week half hour session on Thursday mornings every once in a while at their family art program. PLUS, plus, it’s cheap. $2.00 gets your entire family in to do a craft.

Rogan and I haven’t crafted in a while as we have been busy running with his older brothers baseball team to get one on one time. So last week, I scheduled half an hour for he and I to sit down and get our craft flow on. The night before we went,  I whispered the secret that we were going to the art gallery. He was pretty excited that we were going to the ‘Glalerly to make a raft’ and bragged about it to his older brother and sisters.

We arrived at the Gallery’s’ programming room filled with kids and their parents getting their craft on. Work stations were ready with paint and supplies neatly laid out. Rogan chose a seat and the educator quickly greeted him with a special hello and instructions.


He painted the top of that craft about 3″ thick full of red paint. My OCD took over and tried to guide him to cover the entire white part of the bowl with red so the ladybug had all of its wings red.

It took some persuasion and paint on his arm but he got it.

He was very serious about his dots of black on the bug and did a surprisingly good job! I love the tongue out in this picture.

Next came drawing of the mouth and putting the googly eyes on. I helped him with the glue but he placed them on the circle and he drew that fantastic mouth. 😉

He was so proud to show his Dad and brother and sisters when he got home that day.

Its these little things like attending Family Art that make our community great. I can run to daycare, pick up my son, take him to the craft then back, and be back at work in the matter of less than an hour. Balance.

To register in the next Family Art Class, call the Art Gallery and Museum at 306-634-2940.

Get out there and #ExperinceEstevan


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Rebecca Westling
Rebecca Westling
I have four kids ranging from ages 2-14 and a husband that works in the agricultural field. Our family is very busy, but we always make time to slow down and enjoy the little things.



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