Sleigh rides through Woodlawn Regional Park

My husband Brent, my grandson Kyle and I recently had the pleasure of taking in the fun-filled events at Christmas in the Park, down at Woodlawn Regional Park. The sleigh rides were the most popular. We waited in a long line for the wagon ride, but it was well worth the wait! The scenery was fabulous. The sun was just going down and sky looked beautiful with all the pink and blue colors. The clouds looked like a fluffy warm blanket, which gave you a cozy, warm feeling. The sun was a brilliant golden ball of fire. Truly amazing!

After the sleigh ride we took a bit of a break to warm up. Complimentary hot dogs and hot chocolate were available at Rotary Hall. It was the perfect way to keep us warm AND, there was a warm fire to stand near, just in case you were still chilly.  I took  full advantage of it!

The Power Dodge Estevan Bruins were  at the Park and it looked like they had a great time playing street hockey with all the kids.  Once we were done enjoying the hockey game, we wandered over to check out the  spray chalk. Spray chalk is so easy to make, you just fill a spray bottle one-third of the way with baking soda and corn starch mixture, add a few drops of washable watercolors, and then fill the bottles with very warm water. Kyle had a lot of fun making pictures in the snow. He said it reminded him of the time Grandpa Brent made spray chalk for him in the summer and he colored the whole front sidewalk and grass.

Just watching all the kids play at the park  enjoying the beautiful day brought a smile to my face. It’s never too cold to play on thee playground and we are never too old to enjoy it. What a peaceful family evening!

Once it was dusk, we drove into the campground area of the park, (just down the road) to the Festival of Lights. If you haven’t been to the Festival of Lights, it is a must for next year.  There were many oohs and ahhs as we drove through the displays of lights. My grandson Kyle really liked the huge snowman made out of tractor tires. Kyle and I agreed the fire truck was pretty awesome too. My husband’s favorite light display was the Grinch stealing presents.

To finish off the day, we watched fantastic fireworks. Such a beautiful combination of reds, blues and greens. The look of awe on Kyle’s  face was the best Christmas present I could receive. It was the perfect way to end our fun day. We are already talking about the fun to be had next year!


Till next time….


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Sherry Taylor
Sherry Taylor
I have lived in Estevan and area for many years. I am a wife, mother and a grandmother. My husband and I have 8 children and 10 grandchildren. I enjoy spending time with my children and grandchildren camping at Woodlawn Park and fishing on the Souris River. My grandchildren and I are regular visitors at the programs the library hosts. I love spending my time at events in Estevan especially events at any of our parks.

I have worked for the City of Estevan for 12 years in the Leisure Centre Department and am often refered to as "Mrs. Smiley" and hope my positive attitude will show you a unique outlook on our city.

I am looking forward to sharing all my adventures, with the people in our community with family, co-workers and friends.


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