My Summer…. Experiencing Estevan

Hello Estevan! It is crazy that another summer has come and gone. I had an awesome summer working at the Visitor Centre here at the Estevan Leisure Centre. Lorin and I had the opportunity to meet some very kind people traveling from all over Canada and as well as the United States. I thought I would write to you one last time and give you a short over view of all the things I was lucky enough to experience this summer.

At the beginning of the summer I visited the TS&M Woodlawn Golf Club. I golfed maybe once before this experience. Becky, Linda, and I first went to the driving range to see how my swing was. It was a little questionable at first, but towards the end I think I was getting the hang of it. We all golfed the first 9 holes. Thanks to Linda, I learned so much about the game of golf and ended up having a blast. Test your skills out at the TS&M Woodlawn Golf Club before they close for the season!

 A captured image of my golf swing!

The 2018 Fair came to town at the end of June. Along with it was the famous artist Alison Norlen. She came to Estevan to help us take part in the Roadside Attraction Project. Alison and her team made a 20-foot melted ice cream cone out of corrugated cardboard. It was so cool watching the ice cream cone take shape. Be sure to check it out at the Estevan Art Gallery & Museum!

 Estevan’s Roadside Attraction!

My family and I were happy to spend one night at the fair this past June. As a family activity we challenged each other to some games… if you have followed along with my blog posts this summer, you can probably tell that l I love some friendly competition. It was a beautiful night to spend with my family. We ate perogies, cotton candy, and candy apples… but like I said before it comes once a year, so we went ALL OUT!

 A picture of me enjoying some delicious cotton candy!

Next up on my experience list was the EAGM Poker Run. It was a very hot day, but my friend and I made the best out of it and completed the run! The poker run is an awesome game for everyone while getting some exercise and vitamin D. At every kilometer you get a card and at the end of the run you have 4 cards. There is then a river card pulled that becomes everyone’s final card. The best hand chose the first prize and so on. Walking across the finish line was a great accomplishment and I would really like to do it again next year.

 My friends final hand at the EAGM poker run!

My mom, dad, my friend, and I all visited the EB’s Dining Emporium for a couple of bowling games. I was stern with my dad when telling him my plans for his Tuesday evening. Bowling might not have been on his long to do list, but like I said … it wasn’t up for discussion. Even though he was feeling a little under the weather, he came and we all had a blast. Our father daughter competition was as fun as always. This has sparked a new interest as I have even talked my friends into going bowling as an evening activity a few times since then.

The text message informing my father of our bowling plans!

There were also a few activities that I participated in that I did not write the blog for. One of these including the catastrophe I hope you all witnessed on the videos of Becky and Maureen falling in the Souris River! I can say that I don’t think I have laughed so hard in a long time. I had to tell myself to take a breath because I was losing oxygen. Lorin and I also got to spend an afternoon visiting the selfie spots around the city. Our task was to use the top ten tips on taking the best selfie and put them into practice. I think we did pretty good, check out the blog post for yourself to see!

This summer has been one for the books. Even though I was born and raised here in Estevan there was so much for me to see and do. I will always cherish the memories I made while working at the Visitor Information Centre and look forward to returning next year! Thank you for reading my blog posts and following along on my journey!

Take care & smile! ,

Michaella Matthies

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