EAGM Poker Run!

At the beginning of the month my friend Casey and I joined in on the EAGM’s Annual Poker Run. This is an awesome family event that is put on every summer. I know some people hear the word poker and think it is not an event to attend with children, but it is! It is a 5 km run/walk and at every kilometre you choose a card out of a deck. At the end of the run/walk there is a “river” card pulled that becomes everyone’s final card! The person with the best hand got to choose the first prize and they kept going until the prizes were gone.

All the participants lining up at the start line!

It was a very hot morning that day and if any of you know me or have seen me around you know I have very long and heavy hair and well this girl forgot a pony tail! Isn’t that in a long hair code book somewhere? Rule number 135: You should never go anywhere without a pony tail on standby! If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me if I was hot because of “all that hair” I would have walked out of the event at least $5 dollars richer.

Casey’s poker hand. With the river card she had a pair of 8’s!

The Estevan Art Gallery & Museum building was built in 1977. They opened in 1978 and were first called the Estevan National Exhibition Inc. until 2001 when they changed their name to the Estevan Art Gallery & Museum. They are a non-profit corporation and have always been a very important part of our city. The EAGM strives to bring light to artistic, cultural, and historical practices. They offer so much to the community including exhibits, collections, and public programming. They are located at 118 – 4th Street if you are interested in visiting them. Go see what they have on display right now and find out more about what they have happening in the future!

My friend and I really enjoyed the run/walk. It was a great way to get out of bed early and get some exercise and soak up some vitamin D. I encourage everyone to join in on this event next year as it is a great event and helps the EAGM immensely!


Take care and smile! More shortly,

Michaella Matthies


All of the participants gathered together!

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