Severe Thunderstorm for June 14th

The City of Estevan would like to advise the public tomorrow June 14 there is a potential for Estevan to experience severe thunderstorm with super cells bringing large amounts of rain, hail and strong winds for a potential of a tornado. These weather conditions are expected to hit Estevan starting at 3:00 p.m. in the early evening.

We are asking the public to be aware and prepared for the potential severe weather coming tomorrow. If you have not downloaded the SaskAlert App on your phone which is FREE, please do so immediately. Keep checking this app for updated weather conditions in our area.

If a Tornado Warning has been issued take cover immediately. Go to the basement or take shelter in a small interior ground floor room, closet or hallway. Protect yourself by sitting under a heavy table or desk. Stay away from windows and outside walls and doors. Do not use elevators. Avoid large halls, churches, arenas; their roofs are more likely to collapse. Say close to the ground, protect your head and hide form flying debris.

If you are driving:

Try to get to a nearby shelter – drive away from the tornado at a right angle. Do not get caught in a car or mobile home- take shelter elsewhere. If no shelter is available, lie face down in a ditch or culvert away from the vehicle or mobile home. If a tornado seems to be standing still, it is either travelling away from you or heading right at you. Stay close to the ground, protect your head and hide from flying debris.

Shelter in Place:

Is a practice of going or remaining indoors, until the weather or environment conditions are safe to do so. Close all windows and doors. Turn off anything that moves air into or out of your home. This includes things like your furnace, air conditioner, hot water tank, fire place, ventilation fans, and clothes dryer. Listen to Goldenwest Radio Stations for further instructions or check your SaskAlert App for further updates and details. For added protection, tape a piece of plastic over the room’s window to seal it.

If you are asked to evacuate:

  • Leave a note for friends and authorities saying when you left and where you went.
  • Vacate your home when advised – ignoring warning may jeopardies your safety.
  • Wear protective clothing and comfortable walking shoes.
  • Shut off anything you may be cooking
  • You may need to :
  • Shut off the main electric switch
  • Shut off the water heater switch
  • Turn off the water supply
  • If you have a hot water or steam boiler system, turn off the power and/or natural gas supply and drain the boiler and system according to the manufactures’ instructions.
  • Take your Family Emergency Supplies Kit
  • Lock your house
  • Do not drive through flood waters or off-road unless told to
  • Go to the Reception Center and register. Listen to GoldenWest Radio station to the location of the Reception Center
  • Notify your Family Contac at of your situation
  • Take all medications that you require with you

After the Storm:

Please reframe from driving around due to the potential of overland flooding as there maybe manhole covers and other hidden hazards below the surface. This action also creates waves to residents and commercial properties who potentially could be flooding.  This also keeps main arterial roadways free and clear for emergency vehicles to respond to emergencies.

We thank you for your patience.