Agri-value has been identified (by the Economic Development Board) as one of the priority investment areas for the city of Estevan. At the provincial level, the provincial government has already developed initiatives such as:

  • The Saskatchewan Agri-value Initiative which assists the development and expansion of small to medium-sized enterprises and/or producer/processor organizations involved in value-added processing of agricultural products;
  • The Agriculture Development Fund which provides project funding to researchers in public and private research and development. The funding is provided to create future growth opportunities and to enhance the competitiveness of the provincial agriculture industry.

Estevan is well placed to successfully encourage and promote investment in Agri – Value. The health conscious community and healthy environment; the availability of large lots of agricultural lands, much of which is already cultivating crops that can be processed and added value to; the presence of the Southeast college which can provide research facilities; available modes of transportation for distribution and trade; and the availability of factory space for food processing operations are all factors which will enhance agri-value investment activities.

Agri-value investment helps to diversify agriculture and the local economy; it creates training opportunities in farming and business linkages and contributes to overall community development.