Becky and Family visit the beach

Our Place.

Do you and your family and friends have a place that is your special spot? A place that has the happiest memories, the best experiences, a place where everyone is relaxed and always smiling? Ours is Boundary Dam.

To take a one year old child that simulates a tornado within six feet of every direction he goes, does not make for the best candidate for a boat or canoe passenger. Even the dock won’t cut it with his destructive ways. We needed the beach.

Woodlawn Regional Park Boundary Beach is the best beach around. It has public washroom, a concession, a play park, beach volleyball courts and of course the beach.

Once we arrived, Curtis and the older kids headed over to the beach volleyball courts and the tornado and I grabbed a couple buckets, shovels and a towel. Our plan was to spend some time near the waters edge and learn how to use a shovel and bucket.

The learning took place in a matter of minutes and he soon had his eye on the seagulls floating in the water. I didn’t plan on anyone swimming that night and was not prepared for him to go in the water. But as any tornado would do, he beat me down, and finally I let him in.

He loved the water and loved chasing seagulls and throwing rocks. He soon was drenched with a soggy diaper. Off went his clothes and diaper and he enjoyed freedom like never before 😉 Thankfully it was later at night, the sun was setting and we were almost completely alone on the beach.

The big kids and Curtis made their way down to the beach after a winner was deemed, (Cami and Curtis) and splashing games ensued. Almost everyone was wet. (Mom had the camera)

The Tornado, Curtis and I made our way to the blanket to refuel. While I sat and cuddled and fed my smallest child I had the best view. Everywhere I looked was beautiful. The baby in my arms, the big kids along the shore laughing, my husband soaking up the sunset and that beautiful Saskatchewan sunset reflecting on the water. Pure Bliss.

On the way home the kids said thanks for the best night. *heart full*

Get out there and Experience Estevan,



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