ECS Grad 2017


Graduation is one of my favourite times of the year. We get to see the gorgeous dresses, hear what everyone’s future plans are and run into people we haven’t seen in forever!

When I am at school I do a lot of event planning. I plan wide range events with a volunteer committee, everything from charity fundraisers to formal networking events. One of my favorite things about event planning is the decorations and seeing how a venue can transform into something magical.

Affinity Place is a large space. It takes lots of decorations to transform the room.The grad decorating committee this year did a great job of turning Affinity Place into a spectacular space for celebrating the graduates of 2017.

A space like Affinity Place allows for amazing opportunities to happen. Concerts, sports, exhibits, tradeshows, It really can be transformed so quickly into something so beautiful for grad or even a skating rink.
We are so lucky to have Affinity Place in our home.

Congratulations to the Graduating Class of 2017!



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Michelle Fergusson
Michelle Fergusson
Michelle grew up in Estevan, and is very familiar with the ins and outs of the Energy City. During the school year, she attends the University of Saskatchewan where she is working towards her Bachelor's degree in Commerce with a major in Marketing.