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Landlord Utility Information

This information is to ensure that landlords are aware of how the policies set forth by the City of Estevan affect them in relation to tenant accounts. 

Tenants are required to pay a water meter deposit in order to set up a new account. This deposit fluctuates based on the size of water meter on the property and must be paid to the City of Estevan prior to any arrangements regarding work orders or utility account transfers. This deposit may be applied to the account once the tenant has moved out and a final meter read has been completed. Once the tenant moves out, the account will default back into the owners’ name, unless arrangements have been made with another tenant.


Each time the account changes hands, regardless of tenant or owner, there is an account transfer fee of $38.50 applied to the first bill of the new account.


Once the tenant has arranged for a final read on their account a final bill will be calculated and mailed out. Failure to set up a final read will result in continued billing towards the tenant on the account. The City does not backdate account activity for tenants that have failed to arrange for a final read. Meter reads must be up to date in order to switch accounts over. A forwarding address must be provided in order to receive final billing. Updating of any forwarding address is the responsibility of the tenant and is not the responsibility of the City of Estevan Staff. 


As stated, any uncollected bills in relation to a land parcel can be transferred to the property taxes. Ensure that you are checking in with the City of Estevan upon termination of Tenant accounts to ensure billing is up to date. This will allow you as a property owner to withhold deposits and attain proper contact information to follow up on outstanding accounts which could potentially be transferred to your property taxes. The City will provide owner copies of the utility bills for tenant accounts as a courtesy to the property owner. It will be the owner’s responsibility to contact the City of Estevan if there are any questions on tenant accounts or to inquire about the final billing status.  


Tenants will be required to sign off on an information release form with the City of Estevan in order to release information on their accounts to you (the landlord). If your tenant refuses to sign the information release form, the account will not be transferred into the tenant’s name.


In accordance with the information release form, every landlord (owner) will be required to sign off on this letter to acknowledge the understanding of the policies and procedures set forward by the City of Estevan in regards to rental property accounts. If this letter of understanding is not signed off by the landlord, then no accounts will be transferred into tenant’s names and the utility account will continuously be kept in the land owner’s name.