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ABCs |  (Arms, ABs, Core and a stretch)  Strength, stability, performance and terrific posture originate from a strong centre.  In this class we will work on everything below your neck and above your knees to help improve your fitness level and prevent injury.  In order to hit internal and external stabilizers we will be working muscles in isolation (think crunches/back extension) and in a functional format (think push-ups, inchworms, etc.)  Toss in some biceps/triceps, a little stretch and you are done. Drop in fee (daily pass).

BASIC CARDIO STEP | This class goes light on the choreography. It offers a workout with basic step aerobics choreography and beginner level combination routines. Different levels of intensity are provided to ensure everyone gets the most out of their step workout. Class ends with a cooldown and stretch. Drop in fee (daily pass).

BOOTCAMP A fast-pace, high intensity, energetic class that will provide you with a dynamic mix of strength, cardio and core! Drop in fee (daily pass).

CARDIO & WEIGHTS This class is 1/2 cardio, 1/2 weights. We get your heart pumping then tone your muscles. Strength training will be full body which includes your core. You’re going to feel this workout even with lighter weights. Drop in fee (daily pass).

CIRCUIT |  Hit every muscle group as you burn calories zipping through stations of different exercises and fitness equipment from the BOSU to jump ropes! Drop in fee (daily pass).

EASY STRETCH |  Stretching is one of the most important elements of maintaining a balanced, healthy, and strong body, but all too often it gets left out at the end of a long and tiring workout.  Come warmed up - relax, unwind, and combat muscle tightness in this 40 minute class. Drop in fee (daily pass).

H.I.I.T.  |  (High Intensity Interval Training)  HIIT class is a total body, heart pumping, aerobic and strength conditioning workout. This interval-based class combines full-body strength training with high intensity cardio bursts designed to tone your body, improve your endurance and clear your mind before the busy day gets started. Modifications for all fitness levels are provided. Drop in fee (daily pass).

TWINGES &HINGES LAND AND POOL PROGRAM   Our  Twinges & Hinges program is offered in land and water to maximize benefits to clients. Drop in fee (daily pass).  The land program will combine the benefits of using Urban Poling walking as a safe, effective, and low impact way to exercise for individuals of all fitness levels. Urban Poling is effective for increasing core strength, lower extremity strength, upper extremity strength, balance, stability and cardiovascular endurance. Various bodyweight and theraband exercises to improve whole body strength and endurance. Located at Affinity Place Track.

MOM & BABY/TOT STROLLER BOOTCAMP  |  Stroller Bootcamp for Moms and Babies/Tots includes a variety of drills that focus on strength, power, agility, balance, cardio and core.  Benefit from the camaraderie of other moms in your community while getting in a high intensity full body workout. Drop in fee (daily pass).

SPIN  |  Outdoor cycling workout indoors, designed for ‘new recruits’ and ‘veteran riders.’  Designed to enhance endurance and strength, the cardiovascular benefits are fantastic!  Your experienced instructor will professionally fit you to your bike and guide you toward a super-energizing workout set to uplifting music. Must pre-register.

TABATA  |  This amazing, non-stop, ‘never get bored’ workout is climbing to the top of the charts as being the BEST fat burning workout ever.  You will push through 20 second intervals of high intensity cardio/strength exercise followed by 10 seconds of rest, just enough to catch your breath.  The series repeats 8 times, then onto another set of exercises.  Get in the best shape of your life! Drop in fee (daily pass).

URBAN POLING  |  Why just walk when you can Urban Pole? Urban Poling combines the aerobic and strength building benefits of cross country skiing with the lower extremity technique of regular walking utilizing 90% of the muscles in the body! Urban Poling offers two types of poling techniques, one to provide increased balance and stability for individuals requiring additional support and the other for fitness buffs who would like to add a new element to their fitness routine.
Drop in fee of $5.00 or  a facility pass.



AQUASTEP  Adapted land step class for the water.  Cardio fitness and balance benefits plus strength benefits moving against the water’s resistance.  

DEEP WATER FITNESS  An intense deep water class that incorporates cardiovascular fitness, core strengthening and toning.  Participant swimming skills not required, but have to be comfortable moving in deep water.  Floatation equipment will be provided. Drop in fee (daily pass).

TWINGES & HINGES LAND AND POOL PROGRAM   Our Twinges & Hinges program is offered in land and water to maximize benefits to clients. Drop in fee (daily pass).  The water program combines the benefits of buoyancy in water with socialization to help improve joint flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, and muscular strength. Exercising in water is recommended for individuals with arthritis or any chronic aches and pains as it helps to take pressure off the hips, knees, back and feet. Drop in fee (daily pass).

MOM AND BABY AQUAFIT   Ease back into fitness & introduce your baby to the water. You and your baby will be lead through 45 minutes of cardio and muscular endurance while incorporating your baby through song and movement. Babies should be 6-24 months.  Drop in fee (daily pass).




Par-Q’s can be found at the information desk, in class or on the website