Mar 04 2020


9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Pivot for Profit

Weathering the storm during turbulent economic times is a tough job that many business owners face. Ensuring your company stays profitable is of prime importance to it’s long-term viability. So how do business owners assess when and how to make critical changes to their business operations which will boost profit-potential?

Pivot for Profit will help you learn how to interpret your numbers and determine if and when it’s time to pivot your business. You’ll uncover strategies to grow your topline revenue, learn how to set profitable price points and discover how to actively measure the financial performance of your business. By showcasing shockingly simple steps, this session will have you asking yourself, why wasn’t I doing this earlier?

About the Facilitator: Ron Robichaud is no stranger to southeast Saskatchewan, having delivered multiple financial management sessions over the last few years such as: “Weathering the Storm”, “Planning for Profit”, and “Pricing for Profit”. With career experiences that span over thirty years, Ron Robichaud has worked in diverse industries: manufacturing operations, finance, small business management, community development, the service sector and municipal government. He continually receives rave reviews from our workshop participants, because he offers practical advice and usable strategies that can help to transform a business.