Jun 22 2019


7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Mobster Music Mystery

Mobster Music Mystery
Date June 22nd 2019
Cost $75.00 per ticket
Start Time 7pm
End Time 10:30pm ish
Act 1 MR MIKES Estevan where Dinner will be served as well as one alcoholic beverage
Act 2 Beef Bar Estevan where appetizers and one alcoholic beverage will be served
To our attendees….transportation provided by StageCoach Tours will be leaving the Beef Bar Estevan at 6:30pm en route to MR MIKES Estevan for Act 1. We suggest leaving your vehicles at the Beef Bar as transportation will again be provided from MR MIKES Estevan to the Beef Bar Estevan for Act 2.
The guests are a mixed group of club staff members, entertainers, and guests at a private party held at neighbouring jazz clubs in 1920s New York City. It is the height of the Jazz Age, and social revolution is afoot. This is the age of Prohibition—and of bootleggers and gangsters. Club owners/partners Felix Fontano, the son of a successful bootlegger and crime boss—and Tommy Thompson, a successful businessman/property magnate himself—are throwing this private party for a group of select friends between the two clubs. It is a night of revelry like many other nights of revelry enjoyed by this group of sophisticates, artists, and hoodlums . . . until things go horribly wrong.
When you purchase your ticket, you can choose to be one of the 15 remaining characters or just a guest attending the parties.
The attire for this event is 1920’s prohibition era. All attendees are asked to dress accordingly to this era.