Mar 17 2022


7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Lauren Daae “Collected & Caffeinated” – Artist Reception

Artist Statement:

Brewed western highlights; a look at the world through the wide, dreaming eyes of a prairie-girl.

In this collection you’ll find the classy and refined rubbing shoulders with the rough and comical. Featuring some of the iconic imagery of the western-prairie experience – this series is created in a medium to match.

Pouring onto the canvas are coffee-coloured cowboys, pioneers, broncs, bison, and more. A play on words, the favourited
visuals are indeed “collected”, but the label also refers to specific equine terminology. “Collection” describes a horse’s proper
physical posture, especially significant in professional events. This technical jargon inspires much of the subject matter,
but in turn humorously contrasts the unfiltered human-side of every serious endeavor.