Nov 17 2019


3:00 pm

Koncert for Kids Presents: Smilin’ Rylan

Smilin’ Rylan
Sunday, November 17, 2019
3:00 pm at Westview School

Smilin’ Rylan plays catchy, fun and honest children’s music written in every style imaginable
– loved by kids, supported by teachers and approved by parents. His live performances
are described as “Enthusiastic, entertaining and energetic!” With a background in
education, Smilin’ Rylan brings together universal themes, important lessons and great
music in what’s been called “A winning formula!”Smilin’ Rylan grew up in a town called Hay River way
up in the Northwest Territories, but now lives in Regina. He’s a multi-instrumentalist who graduated
with degrees in Music and Education. Smilin’ Rylan has been working with kids for many years. In
addition to writing and performing children’s music, he coaches several sports and has taught fine
arts & physical education to kids in almost every grade…he’s also a new Dad!