Nov 14 2020


7:30 pm

Estevan Bruins VS Humboldt Broncos

Estevan Bruins Vs Humbolt Broncos at 7:30 pm in Affinity Place


Estevan Bruins release Gameday Ticket Plan 2020/2021

Until allowable seating capacity is increased from 150 spectators, tickets will be offered, in priority sequence, to player’s families, billet families, and season ticket holders. For each game approx. 40% of tickets will be earmarked for families and billets.  The remaining tickets will be assigned to season ticket holders on a rotation until each season ticket holder has had the opportunity to purchase tickets to attend a game.

Season ticket holders who have been assigned tickets for a game will have until 48 hours before game day to confirm and pay for their tickets, failing which those tickets will be reallocated. The season ticket holder will then have to wait for their next turn in the rotation for the opportunity to purchase their tickets for a game. Season ticket holders will have the opportunity to attend 1 game before Christmas, and a maximum of 4 regular-season games. Tickets are $20/seat. Payment options and details will be explained at that time.


The Estevan Bruins want to thank the public for their patience and understanding. The capacity remains at 150 spectators regardless of the facility size and ability to accommodate health and safety protocols.

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