Oct 22 2018


9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Defeating Unimaginativity

A workshop of brainstorming, opening up to creative possibilities, dismissing nothing as possible creative inspiration, and looking for ways to express yourself through embracing the notion “everything can be interesting”. Using your personal images, objects, collections, past work, notebooks, journals, photos and other research, we will discuss how we can transform anything, find something unique in the simplest of context, and can utilize this in our artistic practice. (even if you have no experience in making art before).

9am – 1pm (critique/overview discussion 12- 1)

Bring your lunch

Cost $30.

Art Room, Leisure Center.

Pre-registration required.

Call 634-3942 to register.

WORKSHOP: For your subject bring anything you collect, bring xeroxes, objects, postcards, a journal, a sketchbook, photos, household objects, old pieces of machinery, something you were going to throw out, any media you think you would like to work with….and also some plain simple paper for sketching. We will also look at examples, and do some playful exercises.

Pencil, chalk, watercolor, charcoal, ink…non-soluble pencil, etc Paper, water containers and brushes (if using wet material), paper towel/handwipes. Anything you think you may need!

“If you do something you think you can do ….you are not thinking hard enough” Ali Norlen