May 05 2019


1:00 pm - 4:00 pm



Creative Photography for Beginners

Creative Photography For Beginners (3 Hrs).
Estevan, SK May 5th @ 1PM
Includes Night Photography!

Still Shooting In Auto Mode???
This class is based on everything I wish I had learned in 2003 when I got my first digital camera. It’s not a comprehensive class, it’s all about learning a few simple, yet effective features on your camera & some key concepts to get you off Auto Mode right away.

This is definitely not your typical photography class!
Beginners do not need to learn everything at first, just the skills that will apply to 90% of your photos. From here, experience and excitement will take you to the next level.

⋅ Basic Portraits
⋅ Night Photography (Auroras, Fireworks etc)
⋅ Effective Compositions
⋅ Slow Shutter Speeds
⋅ Action Shots
⋅ Great Lighting
⋅ Depth of Field
⋅ Bokeh Effect
⋅ Painting with Light

Further, I teach 5-minute editing. I don’t Photoshop images, just apply the basics and for most people, that is all you need to do.